The Vision

Space for new perspectives, inspirations and impulses


Unique visions and opportunities for the Saarbrücken and Saarland region will be created here, and these will also attract interest from further afield. The aim is to bring together a variety of businesses working in areas such as bionics, service provision, development, pharmacology, technology and other fields of innovation.

How a company is perceived from the outside is becoming more and more important. Questions such as “Do the premises reflect my company / corporate culture?”, “Does my current location allow me to present myself to the best possible advantage?”, “What will tomorrow’s work environments look like?” and “What do my employees want and need?” are gaining increasing attention.

We respond to the requirements of our tenants, taking into account all technological and structural specifications. This allows us to create ideal environments for every sphere of work and offers tenants the opportunity to customise their own rental space to meet their individual requirements. This in turn enables you to present your company as well as your corporate culture to its best possible advantage.

And to ensure that your employees, colleagues and customers also feel completely at home at Am Schanzenberg,
plans also include childcare facilities, local amenities, generous recreational areas and a
future-oriented infrastructure. Let yourself be inspired!

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